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(2010) (RT 2:00) (Written, Produced and Directed by Perry Miller Adato)
A storm of modernism swept through the art worlds of the West in the early decades of the Twentieth century uprooting centuries of tradition in the visual arts, music, literature, dance, theater, and beyond.  The epicenter of this storm was Paris, France. For an incandescent moment from 1905 to 1930, Paris was the magnetic center for radical innovation and experiment, the Mecca for creative talents from Michigan to Moscow, from Brooklyn to Barcelona, who would change the course of the modern arts throughout the Western world. On-camera, dramatic and historic moments are recalled by active participants in these legendary events including Marc Chagall, Igor Stravinsky, Jean Cocteau, Aaron Copland, Marcel Duchamp, Joan Miro, Sylvia Beach and Janet Flanner.

Why Paris? Paris the Luminous Years tells the story from an unprecedented point of view—Paris, not as the familiar, glamorous backdrop for the revolutions that exploded there, but as active protagonist, catalyst, and midwife to modernity. The film spotlights now-famous figures in the art world’s first international avant-garde, tracing who came to Paris and why, whom they met, what they made there, and how being in Paris transformed them and their work.  Through intriguing back stories of crucial relationships and of major turning points in the trajectory of the modern arts, Paris The Luminous Years examines why breakthroughs like Picasso’s radical Les Desmoiselles D’Avignon and Stravinsky’s violent The Rite of Spring could only have happened in the international, fervent atmosphere of early Twentieth century Paris.

The vibrant artistic milieu of Paris before WW1 and during the 1920’s is skillfully resurrected in archival footage and rare stills of Pablo Picasso, Gertrude Stein, Serge Diaghilev, Vaslav Nijiinsky, Daniel Kahnweiler, Guillaume Apollinaire, James Joyce, Ernest Hemingway and John Dos Passos. These and other key participants are brought to life through their quotes delivered voice-over by actors.  Letters, memoirs, recollections of witnesses, are documented by rich visual imagery, including live contemporary footage of Paris filmed on locations relevant to the story. Interviews with biographers and distinguished scholars provide deeper analysis on how modern artists were challenged and transformed by the “city of light.”  These include: Serge Fauchereau, curator and author; Lynn Garafola, dance historian and critic; Kenneth Silver, art historian and curator; Romy Golan, art historian; Tyler Stovall, historian; Gerald Kennedy, literary historian; Donald Faulkner, literary historian; Noel Riley Fitch, biographer and cultural historian and Albert Sonnenfeld historian of French Literature.

“Paris was where the 20 Century was,” stated Gertrude Stein. “We all came to Paris.  It was where we had to be.”


“While countless books have been written and films made about this era, Miller Adato connects the dots succinctly and with thrilling insight…Again and again, implicitly and more directly, Miller Adato, an Emmy Winner for her 1968 film on Dylan Thomas and the Director’s Guild of America Award in 1977 for Georgia O’Keeffe, makes the point that Paris was more than a mere meeting point for these men and women: it was a singular catalyst for the explosion of creative exploration that became modern literature, dance, music and visual art.By showing us work both before and after they arrived in Paris, Miller Adato enables us to see not only how their new milieu changed the art of Picasso and Lithuanian-born Chaim Soutine and Jacques Lipschitz but what they brought with them when they left their old lives behind.
“It is here”, an elderly Stravinsky says in a grainy black and white clip, as he revisits the room where he composed “Rite of Spring.” And in that moment, we feel both a rush of reverential awe and an awareness that, to paraphrase the title of Flanner’s collected New Yorker columns, Paris was only yesterday.”
–David Wiegand, San Francisco Chronicle

“The two-hour film takes us to a critical time and place in cultural history where artists of all stripes from many countries came together to explode earlier traditions in painting, sculpture, poetry fiction music and dance…Who better than one of public television’s great cultural historians to bring this exciting and important era to life?”

Adato’s archival assemblage takes us on a tour of the city from 1905 to 1930 touching on seminal works ranging from Picasso’s Desmoiselles d’Avignon to Joyce’s Ulysses to the Stravinsky/ Nijinsky ballet The Rite of Spring…The line-up is impressive…it’s riveting to listen to such giants as Igor Stravinsky, Aaron Copland, Marc Chagall and Marcel Duchamp discuss the times and their work.

A scintillating documentary … The Luminous Years is luminous itself, a fascinating look that will leave almost everyone who watches it with a better understanding and appreciation of modern art than they had before they started.”
–Jonathan Storm, Philadelphia Inquirer

“Amid the cafes and salons of early 20th Century Paris, the future of the art world is born anew in this remarkable journey of inspiration and friendships.”
–Ken Burns/Director and Producer

“…Perry Miller Adato recreates the birth of modern art in its many forms in this visually stunning examination of a city and a cultural force.”
–Sharon Percy Rockefeller/ President & CEO, WETA TV/FM, Washington, DC

“Paris the Luminous Years is thorough, instructive and for the most part, beautifully illustrated, particularly with slides of Fauvist paintings, set designs from the Ballets Russes and clips of old black-and-white interviews with the likes of Chagall, Jean Cocteau and Janet Flanner…
“To the film’s credit, it doesn’t pay attention just to famous artists; it includes intermediaries like the art dealer Daniel- Henri Kahnweiler, a German émigré who championed Picasso and the Cubists…

And its focus is not narrowly on colorful American expats who hung out with Hemingway and Sylvia Beach at her legendary bookstore, Shakespeare and Company, though they get their due toward the end.

Most of the material centers on European and Russian artists, Duchamp, Breton, Picasso, Miro, Chagall and Diaghilev to name but a few. The film is particularly good at exploring how World War 1 split émigré artists who mobilized to fight for France, like Apollinaire, and those who chose not to fight, including Picasso.

There are some wonderful old clips and newsreels, and even a quite startling 1980 clip of Rudolph Nureyev making love to a scarf in his famous recreation of Nijinsky’s “Afternoon of a Faun.”
–Alessandra Stanley, New York Times



Director: Perry Miller Adato
Producer: Perry Miller Adato
Writer: Perry Miller AdatoExecutive Producer: Margaret Smilow
Narrator: Concetta Tomei
Director of Photography: Martial Barrault (Paris), Wolfgang Held (New York)
Editor: Kris Liem
Music: Joel Goodman
Producers: Junko Tsunashima, Kristin Lovejoy
Associate Producer: Sylvia Cahill
Serge Fauchereau, Art Historian, Curator, Author Les avant-gardes 1905-1930
Romy Golan, Art Historian, City Univ. of New York
Albert Sonnenfeld, Literary Historian, Professor Emeritus, USC
Noel Riley Fitch, Literary Historian, Author Sylvia Beach and the Lost Generation
Lynn Garafola, Dance Historian, Critic, Barnard College
Jane Fulcher, Musicologist, University of Michigan
Kenneth E. Silver, Art Historian, Curator, New York University
Donald Faulkner, Literary Historian New York Writers Institute
Gerald Kennedy, Literary Historian, Louisiana State University
Brenda Wineapple, Literary Historian The Graduate Center, CUNY
Tyler Stovall, Historian, Univ. of California, Berkeley

Leon Botstein
Serge Fauchereau
Noel Riley Fitch
Jane Fulcher
Lynn Garafola
J. Gerald Kennedy
John Merriman
Linda Nochlin
Kenneth E. Silver
Albert Sonnenfeld
Tyler Stovall

Archival Research:
Sylvia Cahill, Kristin Lovejoy (New York) Anne Connan, Annick Fosse Kleindienst (Paris)

Sound: Francisco Camino, Gautum K. Choudhury
Line Producer (Paris): Valerie-Anne Coston-Solignat
Production Coordinator (Paris): Barbara Canale
Assistant to the Producer: Jennie V. Engstrom
Gaffers: J.D. Moll, Jean-Pierre Vial

Assistant Camera: Kelvin De La Cruz
Production Assistants: Josh Golde, Julia Thompson, Andrew Zapanta
Interns: Eva Lipman, Andrew Reyes, Joe Skinner

Voice-over Actors
Steve Aldrige
Daniel Breaker
Chris Henry Coffey
Ronnie Farer
Nicole Fonarow
Cham Giobbi
Ron Mark McClary
Nick Wyman

Post Production
HD On-line Editor: Kerry Soloway
Re-Recording Mixer: Ed Campbell
Sound Editor: Deborah Wallach
Title Design: B.T. Whitehill
After Effects: Tim D’Amico
Assistant Editor: Lucia Giovanniello

Special Thanks
Tamara Robinson
Ruth Glanz
Neil M. Adato
Cultural Services of the French Embassy
Jan Gura

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