"Perry Miller Adato is an extraordinary documentary filmmaker whose métier is art and the creative process. Each of her beautifully crafted film biographies (on such innovators as Gertrude Stein, Georgia O’Keeffe, Pablo Picasso, Carl Sandburg and Eugene O’Neill) takes us on a journey-filling in the blanks, offering insights heretofore uncovered, and enhancing our knowledge and appreciation of a particular artist’s life and work in the way that only a good film can.  Adato, who won an Emmy Award in 1968 for her initial directorial effort (Dylan Thomas – The World I Breathe) and four Directors Guild of American Awards for her subsequent work, pioneered the innovative use of still photos in film biography, paving the way for Ken Burns and everyone else who followed.  She is renowned for conducting incisive interviews with “witnesses” (relatives and colleagues of her film subjects) that get to the heart of what made a particular person tick—and for doggedly tracking down the rare film footage, recordings, pictures and correspondence that add such rich background details to her biographical stories. Each film “has to arise from the style and the personality of the artists,” says Adato. “I’m not interested in education, per se, but there needn’t be a conflict between something that is entertaining and educational.  You can take any subject in the world and make it fascinating, if it’s done poetically, artistically and with relevance to people’s lives today. ” Rebecca Paller, Associate Curator Paley Center For Media [br] [br] Perry Miller Adato (photo: Joseph Sinnot/WNET) Perry Miller Adato is always eager to tell a story. She opened the door of her home on a summer morning in August 2011 smiling, dressed in bright colors, hair [...]